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History of the Company

Embawood Company was founded in 1996. The Company chose the strategy of client orientation as the main concept of its activity and took general measures in this direction.


Significant events that happened in the history of the Company within this period:

Production establishment in Massaly, Azerbaijan;
Opening of the second production facility in Khyrdalan, Azerbaijan;
Opening of Ideal Design – brand of office furniture – together with home furniture;
Implementation of Embapanel into the market – the brand of production and supply of raw materials and intermediate products;
Presentation of Embawood brand on the market;
Certification ISO 9001:2000 on International Quality Management System
Foundation of regional warehouses;
Opening of the first store, lay of foundation for retail;
Acquiring of market shares on foreign markets;
Opening of the third production facility in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan;
Opening of the first laboratory of quality testing in CIS according to European norms and standards;
Implementation of the second brand of home furniture Madeyra into the market:
Company re-branding;
Opening of the production facility in Sambora, Ukraine;
Opening of representative office in Krasnodar, Russian Federation ;
Opening of production facility in Shymkent, Kazakhstan
Today Embawood which is represented in such countries as Russian, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan has 7 production facilities and global retail network that includes over 250 brand stores.
История компании

Our mission is to provide people with furniture that will grant the comfort in their day-to-day life and will meet their taste and style.

We give people belief and confidence, we bring comfort and style into their lives, make their goals and dreams come true. We are creating one of the best companies in the world. Our success is founded on professionalism and interest of our employees. Our mission is to take significant place in the economics of each nation where we are represented by keeping confidence, reliability and stability of its society. Our customers and their wishes are the most important factors for us as well as for the Company.

Our values:

  • Honesty;
  • Respect to traditions and desire to improvement;
  • Trust and responsibility;
  • Consistency and professionalism;
  • Initiative and creative approach;
  • Team work and effectiveness;
  • Transparency and goodwill;
  • Healthy life (body, spirit and consciousness).

We believe that wiling to be happy is the life basis for each person. The happiness of our team is created by people who long to improvement. The more we develop, the more we achieve, the more we feel proud and win! When we change ourselves, the world around us changes and becomes more beautiful. This approach gives us freedom, belief in ourselves and our future. Because development, change and progress in our company happen thank to personal development and promotion of its employees.